Lens Potion

The only product in the market that can clean your lens and camera rubber grips by a wipe.

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It did the trick and cleaned the hand grip of my Canon 5D. The rubber grip is now black as new. 

Brian T.

This stuff removes the white marks like magic, wow! I can't believe the white fluid in the pen can turn my lens rubber black and shiny. My lens is a Canon 35-150mm EF. 

Albert, AZ, USA  

It's restored the whitened focusing ring of my Leica Summarit-M 90mm f2.5. Like it. 

Mark Williams, Hong Kong

Canon EF 35-135mm

Removes the white stain on the rubber surface

Leica Summarit-M 90mm f2.5

Restore the lens rubber

Leica R 28-70mm

Before and after ...

Wipe to Clean

Simply wipe the affected rubber and see the instant effect...