How to clean the lens body?


I've recently bought a very dirty lens from eBay.

It's covered by unknown dirt and stain. The disgusting stuff was trapped between the grooves on the metal grip.

A toothbrush couldn't help much.

A sharp and hard metal tip can definitely remove the dirt but it would also scratch the anodised surface. Bad idea. You should never do it.

A pair of bamboo chopsticks can do the job. Actually, I need only one.

To clean the lens, I need a tooth brush, a brush and a chopstick.

The chopstick is to be sharpened. I used a pencil sharpener.

The tip is good to push the strain away from the grooves. It won't hurt the metal surface.

You can instantly see the difference.

Continue to work on other grooves...

Used the brush and toothbrush to brush off the dirt. I put on a face mask when I did that.

The chopstick needed to be sharpened from time to time.

Done! <<This method is to clean the metal lens grip only. For rubber lens grip, you should use our lens rubber cleaner. >>

I'll show you how to completely clean the dirty lens filter. Stay tuned...