Restoring Whitened Quick-Wind Lever of Leica R7 SLR

I'm going to show you how the Delicate Lens Rubber Cleaner can remove white oxidised stain on a camera body part.

I haven't been using my Leica R7 SLR for some time. It has sat in the cabinet .

As you can see the quick-wind lever appeared turning white after being idled for some time.

Oxidation on Leica R7 Quick-wind Lever


Looking closer, you could even see the fingerprint left on the lever. It's the sweat that left on the surface since the last use of the camera. It slowly oxidised the rubber surface on the lever. It could not be wiped away by warm water or other non-damaging ways.

See how the Cleaner can restore the whitened surface by just a single wipe.

Delicate Lens Rubber Cleaner


It took me less than a minute to remove the white stain on the lever. Rather than putting it back to the cabinet, I am going sell it at eBay. Now the camera can be sold as "Mint". 


Restoring Leica R7 to Mint Condition