Why it's a bad idea to put tire wax on your lens and camera grips?

If you search for the solutions of removing white oxidation stain from the lens rubber rings or camera grips, you may come across the suggestions of using tire wax like Armorall.

Tire wax can quickly restore the blackness of the rubber surface. You can find videos of the product reviews in YouTube. All of them will tell you not to wipe the wax on the tire surface touching the ground. Why? The wax is slippery even after they are dried. It leaves a thin film of oil on the surface to make it looks shiny. It is dangerous to have slippery tires on the road.

If tire wax is wiped on the camera and lens rubber grips, it will leave the same slippery oily film on the rubber grips. Adjusting the zoom and focus of the lens will be difficult. Worse, the oil on the rubber may smear to other parts of the gears. A heavy camera or a lens with oily grips may slip off your hands.

Tire wax on camera and lens rubber parts.

We have a proven solution to rejuvenate the rubber grips of cameras and lenses. It is not necessary to risk dropping your camera or lens by using the improvise methods.